Jangan gunakan konsep pembelajaran Jarak Jauh ke kelas “PEMBELAJARAN HIBRID”!



Dengan 4 Input HDMI memungkinkan Anda bisa live dengan 3 Angle Kamera berbeda dan 1 Input Laptop membuat Anda tidak perlu melakukan “SHARE SCREEN” lewat Notebook.

Lakukan Meeting/Webinar dengan lebih “PROFESIONAL” dengan

RGBLink Mini.

Media Streaming

Industrial Display

Who We Are

We integrate Future AV Communication for every segment of business to help your team more productive and creative.

CREATIVE  is a key part of Our Culture.

Our Goals is to change the way whole world communicate, we provide the tool for you to  archieve that goals.

Future Communication

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What We Do

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Easy step to let your team more creative


Consult now, tell us what you need

We start by gathering information from you, to understand the needs and purpose of the room to be built. what communication you want to achieve.


We Design AV Solutions

Defining the best solutions for your need, and create a thoughtul design to solve your problems.


Time to training!

We will share all the knowledge and training your team until can operate the system by yourself, We also keep our aftersales service for you.

We Care About You !

Here’s Our Customer Satisfaction Plan

  • ROnline and Offline Training
  • RPayment Milestones
  • RFast Response
  • R2 year Product Warranty

Become A Top of creative and productive team with best AV devices.

Let's Start a New Project Together

If you are interested in working together or want more information, please send us a message.

Lumens LC-200

CaptureVision System



Streaming Media Processor


RGB Link Mini

Video Processing in any scale





LED Display

Digital Signage

Media Player


Reactiv SUITE is revolutionizing the way people communicate and share by creating a “Digital Table” where multiple remote users can simultaneously access, push and manipulate any type of content as if it were a piece of paper.

Reactiv SUITE simplifies mundane tasks involved with collaboration like inking, marking up, tracking changes, and archiving not only to save you time but lets you focus on being creative.