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One software with infinite possibilities

Reactiv will transform any workflow, in any environment.  Find out how Reactiv can make you more productive and help you to engage your audience.



Open several files and arrange how you desire. Annotate and highlight in any file to capture ideas and make changes. With one click, save and archive your file so you can share.


Open videos, zoom in, and highlight details. Rip pages out of documents, annotate on them, and with one click save your notes. Experience a deeper understanding and more accurate information with STAGE.


Capture your audience with more exciting presentations. In seconds you can switch from your slide deck to media content to a website to different files. Your audience with get a deeper understanding and stay more engaged with STAGE.


Open several types of documents at once. If the class needs more space, cast documents onto 3 different monitors. A professor can compare or switch to different media in seconds. Save time, be more efficient, and experience a deeper understanding with STAGE.


Arrange and compare different floor plans in seconds. Overlay different swatches, markup changes and save with one click. Every task is easier with STAGE.


Open X-rays, notes and other charts on the same screen. Doctors can collaborate together and save their notes on any type of document.


Revolution of Collaboration

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Lumens LC-200

CaptureVision System



Streaming Media Processor


RGB Link Mini

Video Processing in any scale





LED Display

Digital Signage

Media Player


Reactiv SUITE is revolutionizing the way people communicate and share by creating a “Digital Table” where multiple remote users can simultaneously access, push and manipulate any type of content as if it were a piece of paper.

Reactiv SUITE simplifies mundane tasks involved with collaboration like inking, marking up, tracking changes, and archiving not only to save you time but lets you focus on being creative.